Anavar Cycle

Today I plan to discuss a typical anavar cycle. Anavar is one of the best steroids around in my honest opinion. Why? Because anavar can be used for both men and women alike. Doses of up to 100MG typically give the best effects to males. While women can get sound results from as little as 10mg daily and going to the more extreme side of 30mg daily! I’ve seen a lot of females add 5 to 10lbs of lean muscle mass in no time at all doing this.

When you take this into consideration it’s no real surprise that many women tend to love an anavar cycle. Unlike many steroids, it’s possible to get great results from an anavar only cycle. Though, for men, I still highly recommend if it is stacked with at least a testosterone product such as testosterone enthanate which can be purchased from our store located below

Now let’s take a look at some basic anavar cycles.

First off we will look at an anavar only cycle. What this basically means is you will take around 100mg daily if you are male, or between 10 to 20 if female for the duration of 8 weeks.

This cycle is handy for the following, MMA athletes, Boxing athletes, Olympic lifters, and power lifters, and bodybuilders looking to add a bit of LEAN mass rather than a drastic bulk. Ie you want to look leaner, harder, bigger etc. It’s also perfect for cutting due to it’s low, if any estrogen, related side effects.

This anavar cycle I really recommend for athletes who must stay in a certain weight class or only want to make a minor jump in a weight class while dramatically getting stronger. For example let’s say you are an olympic weight lifter in the 70kg category. You want to enter the 75KG category, but certainly do not want to go OVER that weight class.

Doing this cycle of anavar can easily get you up to the weight you want while DRAMATICALLY adding strength, I.E 40/50lbs to your clean and jerk and at least 30lbs to the snatch.

Overall, not too shabby is it, no?

Now another thing Anavar only cycles are worthwhile for is women. As stated above, taken at say 15mg daily over the course of 10 weeks. I’ve seen women gain at least 1 to 2lbs of lean mass each week. I’ve actually seen one girls squat go up by over 100lbs which in 10 weeks, as you can say, is quite frankly amazing. The definition found in her abs and the increase in muscle mass on the thighs made this the perfect anavar cycle for her.

Along with this I have seen anavar used to cure arthritic pain far more effectively than a pain killer can. It’s collagen healing properties and being able to increase collagen allow for dramatic healing and it can be used at a smaller dose if you just want to “ease” pain.

Another Good cycle for men or even the more competitive woman is the Testosterone and anavar cycle. As I plan to do an anavar for women article separately in the future, I’ll use this article to discuss the Male cycles.

Testosterone should be ran at 500mg to start with especially if you are new to the bodybuilding world. You will run Test-e for 12 to 14 weeks and Anavar for the first 10 weeks.

Anavar will give the dramatic strength and hardening effect to the muscles and if your diet is done well you should see a decent amount of fat loss too, I’d say with the muscle put on and fat loss effects up to a 5% decrease in fat loss while bulking is still quite possible.

Overall, you can expect to put around 20 to 30lbs of mass with this cycle, especially if you only have a few cycles under your belt.

Another Anavar cycle that is popular is The testosterone, Anavar and Tren cycle.

This is great for cutting, especially if you want to add around 20lbs of mass while dropping up to 40lbs of body fat. Another positive thing about this is it can also be used for BULKING. Again, expect to drop at least 10 to 20lbs while gaining up to 45lbs.

As you can see there is plenty of great anavar cycles and it is up to you to find out which Anavar Cycle is best for you.



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