(Credits : iPhone7info.com)

The rumor about the 4-inch iPhone 7 Mini has been rather an unbelievable news for fans and that is why mixed reviews are coming from all the corners. Moreover, it is also under discussion that would Apple be able to cope up with the release of 3 different gadgets i.e., iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Mini.

Most of the tech experts have confirmed the release of a four-inched iOS smartphone and it is more than likely that Apple would release iPhone 7 Mini with its two other comrades next year. Most of the experts are of the opinion that the smaller iPhone with its weak design can be a failure and it is impossible to embed all the recent technological development into a new phone.

With iPhone offering best performance in large sizes, it is expected that the mini iPhone 7 would fail to impress the audience in smaller dimensions. The size can create a deficiency of size would make affect its power-packed performance in a bad way.

It is also expected that iPhone 7C and iPhone 6CS have also been the devices on which operation has been started and that is why, questions have been raised as to how would Apple cope up with such diverse skills while meeting this required demand. The nest year will decide as to who iPhone make things work out when it comes to such a diverse range of phones being released in a shorter span.


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