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Designed and marketed by Amazon.com the Amazon kindle devices are various reading or e-reader devices. The device is purely designed to catch the attention of avid readers and Amazon.com has targeted them to sell off their kindle products. These Amazon kindle devices lets users browse, download, buy and read books available on Internet.

The reading material which a person can get on their Kindle devices from the Internet are Books, Magazines, Newspapers and other wireless digital media.

Earlier the users had only one Kindle device but after the good response from users Amazon launched plenty of other devices.

To get reading content for you Kindle device you need to access the Kindle store. The store has over 4.5 million e-books available in the U.S

Kindle Users are ordered to upgrade their device’s software

People who use Amazon.com produced Kindle devices are warned and advised to update their Kindle software.

They way Amazon is warning people to update their device’s software gives an idea as to how important the update is from their perspective.

Amazon is pretty serious before the users about this mandatory update installation. Amazon said that if the Kindle device isn’t updated before March 22, the user would not be able to connect his kindle device to the Internet.

How bad it would be for the users if they’re unable to download any book or the content of their choice from the kindle store. In order to save them from this tragedy Amazon is warning them to update their devices before March 22, 2016.

The software update is required to “Continue to download kindle books from the cloud, access the kindle store and make use of the various kindle services provided for them through Amazon.com on their devices.

The noteworthy point is that this update would affect kindle models which are made in 2012 and earlier than that.

It has become inevitable for the users to update their devices before the deadline of march 22 set by Amazon.com

If in case the update as advised by Amazon.com couldn’t be completed by the user, the user would receive a message that says “Your kindle device is not able to connect this time please make sure you are within wireless range and try again. If the problem persists, please restart your kindle from the menu in settings and try again. If you see this message on your device on or after March 22, you will need to manually install the latest software update for your device”.

This long message would appear on your screens if you wouldn’t update your devices before the day of March 22. It would be a very exasperating scenario for a user upon seeing this message or when he or she wouldn’t be able to access the internet to download some more content.

For the reading lovers the best way out is to follow the instructions of Amazon.com and update their devices before it gets too late for them to do so.


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