Scientists from San Francisco may have find a way to cure Alzheimer’s disease. The key to success that they got is not by looking at the brains of mice which is standard practice in the medical field for the scientific research but by looking at the brains of men.

The researchers of Gladstone Institutes which is a biomedical research institute in San Francisco, have discovered the main cause of the primary genetic risk factor which causes Alzheimer’s disease. They have got the solution to erase the damaging effects in the brain caused by this disease.

The researcher’s findings which were published on Tuesday in the journal Nature Medicine are said to be a very important part as the test which was conducted for this disease was not on the brains of mice rather on the brains of the humans.

The scientists found out that the human brain posses a copy of a gene which is called as apoE4 and it is more than twice in order to develop the Alzheimer’s disease in their lifetime. If the brain has two copies of this disease then it increases the risk of twelvefold.

ApoE4 which is present in the human brain helps in increasing the production of the amyloid beta protein which was discovered by researchers. This discovery was surprising as the past studies which were done on ApoE4 found out that the gene in the mouse brains does not lead to an increase in amyloid beta. The excessive amount of amyloid beta in the brain can clump together and can create plaques which will disrupt the neuron firing and can lead to symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s.  R.Scott Turner who is the professor of the Neurology and Director of the Memory Disorder Center at the Georgetown University Hospital shows the PET scan results which help in the study on Alzheimer’s disease at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington.




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