The promise from Apple prior to the release of its fascinating flagship smartphones i.e. iPhone 6s and 6s plus with respect to its strength made headlines prior to their release. Apple promises the double strength plus the usage of aluminum 7000 that is also used in Apple watch and thus stealing the show. Apart from the top, the glass was scheduled to be tougher than the predecessors.

By keeping up to the expectations, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus were supposed to be more resistant to fall and scratch. The increase durability has to be tested and that is why the best tool in this regard would be Drop Test.

 The first part of this test tends to be the side impact and by releasing both iPhone 6s and 6s plus from the same height, you will be amazed to know that no change occur and both the smartphones land safe and sound onto the ground.

The second and the most crucial part of the test is the face down impact which is really an important one because we have seen many times iPhone being on your lap and all of a sudden, it fell to the ground facing the earth on the screen side. The height being not that much turns out to be advantageous for these two phones as not any sort of injury is experienced.

The third and important part of the test is the height test. It happens when you are talking on phone while standing. By performing this test, the results were satisfactory on the rear and side impact as no fatal injury was experienced.

All the above tests were cleared by iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus but fail to clear the head-height test on frontal impact. To stun everybody, iPhone 6s and 6s Plus did not break while falling full frontally and the smartphone was completely safe and without any damage.

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