With the hip reaching to its extreme limits, an insane fervor is witnessed about the release of Apple TV.  Apple car can truly turning out to be a phenomenal success, they have strived hard to make one of the most memorable inventions of the century. The rumors about Apple car are that it will be all-electric and autonomous driving features.

Moreover, it has also been confirmed that Apple has hired Jonathan Cohen, who is a prolific personae that would persuade him in order to leave his position at Nvidia who was a director of deep learning, or artificial intelligence (AI) at the company. Recode spotted the change of employer on Cohen’s LinkedIn page.

At Nvidia, the prolific expert, Cohen was involved in deep learning and its use in the company’s Drive PX technology. Keeping this in mind, Apple has hired the expert in order to aimed at the car market with its camera-based autopilot system.

Moreover, they will also have to continue to wait for any concrete news about Apple’s work on a car, but the evidence continues to mount. The company has also hired vast number of employees from companies in the car market, including Tesla, Ford, and Fiat Chrysler.

Moreover, Cohen is also working hard with Siri and Apple Maps teams and is taking full benefit of deep learning technology.


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