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With their first album “I Love You”, the band failed to inspire the audience, however, a lot is expected from the second one in this regard. The band has come up with a sophomore album Wiped Out! This time the band has come up with an ingenious piece of art that is expected to beat the heartstrings of most of the music fanatics.

The album starts with an introductory “A Moment of Silence,” which is short but unique and thus receive attention. Moreover, with “Prey” the band comes with amarvelous variety of musical beats and lyrics and thus making it the defining track of the album. With “Cry Baby,” the band also makes an amazing collection of captivating strong performance that stun the audience.

The track that gives name to the album i.e. “Wiped Out!” is nice and worth-listening option but being so long, may not be appealing for a certain category of listeners. In addition, “The Beach” is also a good piece of art and give music diehards a worth-listening choice.

Overall, critics are of the view that the band has come up with good music and would most certainly draw plenty of audience.

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