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Anthony Hamilton had been blessing our eardrums through his sweet voice for more than a decade. The songs he composed had a diversity yet they all a thing common in them that is the sweet blend of melody and soulful lyrics. Deep vocals are the specialty of Hamilton which can be witnessed in his several songs. Anthony, full name Anthony Cornelius Hamilton is an American singer and songwriter. “Where I am from” album from the composer bought him fame back in 2003. The singer had also sung another world famous song from the awards winning movie Django. Hamilton had a stout singing career. He started singing at the age of 10 in church’s choir. Later he practiced singing under the director Mark Setzer. He also performed as a backup singer, in an international tour with singer D’Angelo’s for the promotion of the Voodoo album.Since, 2004 Hamilton had released a lot of hit albums. He was featured on Jada kiss 2004 “Why.” The album was also nominated for best rap/Song Collaboration. Hamilton was also featured on the track The RH Factor.

For now Anthony Hamilton is dropping off some brand new melodies to slightly change the tune he was at home with and crossing the bands set by himself. With the release of hit “Amen” one can find a soulful crooner, thanking the heavens on blessing a love so sweet. Besides this the love ode is the composer’s new album song. In the album Hamilton reunites with his partner Mark Batson to spread an aroma of music.

Grammy Award winner artist Anthony Hamilton is up for his new project. What I Am feeling is the singer’s fifth studio Album that is going to be released by RCA records on 25th of March.  What I am feeling is the Anthony Hamilton and Mark Batson’s combine release. The singer had strong roots with each other, Batson co-wrote singer’s top 5 hot R&B/ Hip Hop songs. “What I’m Feelin’ is a special album for me,” says Hamilton. Besides this Hamilton is also noted to be saying that I reconnected with one of my favorite producers, Mark Batson, who produced my most career-defining records so it made sense. Alongside my engineer Bruce Irvine, we all decided to record in Nashville so we could really focus on creating a special sound. While in Miami with Salaam Remi and James Poyser, we came up with ‘Amen’. I’m really proud of this album. I think it’s a must have for R&B and soul lovers.Anthony Hamilton released his last formal Album “back to love” back in 2011. No.1 adult R&B song “pray for me” won a lot of praises and peaked at No.3. the complete track of the album “What I’m Feelin’ ” comprises of 12 songs listed below.

  1. Save Me                                                                                        
  2. Ain’t No Shame                                                                          
  3. What I’m Feelin’ feat. The HamilTones                          
  4. Amen                                                                                        
  5. I Want You                                                                   
  6. Never Letting Go                                                                       
  7. Grateful                                                                                        
  8. Walk in My Shoes                                                                     
  9. Take You Home
  10. Still                                                                                                  
  11. Ever Seen Heaven                                                                  
  12. Love Is an Angry Thing


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