Cam is undoubtedly a musical genius and with her astounding songwriting skills with crispy country music is truly a treat to watch. The adorable American singer received marvelous appreciation with her debut EP, Welcome to Cam Country that announced the arrival of new beauty with brains into country music. Her debut full-length record, Untamed, that is scheduled to be released on December 11, 2015 is expected to beat the heartstrings of many.

The title track is the first one that would define the true tune of country music and that is why, this album is going to be the best one for country music lovers. The first track also reveals Cam’s musical strategy and untroubled and unaffected personality of the singer. Moreover, the art of song-writing being mastered by the singer is also something that would make things amazing to listen for the diehards. Other tracks of the album are also good choices to listen and include “Hungover on Heartache”, “Mayday”, “Burning House”, “Cold in California”, and “My Mistake” along with some others. Overall, the album is the best option to be given as Christmas gift and also to be part of Christmas tree decorations. Let’s see how this album inspires the diehards!



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