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The distinguishing thing about rapper Logic is his astounding singing abilities and marvelous acting abilities. The new venture of which is part of is The Incredible True Story which is a sophomore album and also a sci-fi motion picture.

In a mind-blowing musical language, the album tells the story of an age that is 100 years in the future in which the Earth has become uninhabitable while survived 5 million people living in a space station. The tracks can be considered as a new addition to the music industry and fans have been offered with a completely new concept.

The lyrics of the music tracks have been highly praised due to its new concept and also the best part of this album is cameo appearances by some of the iconic stars such as Kendrick Lamar.

“Contact”, “Upgrade” and “Like Woah” are praised for the energy that these tracks possess and are creating buzz among rap fans. “City of Stars”, “Stainless” and “Paradise”, the lyrics and musical collaboration has been amazing.

Overall, if you are a fan of rap music, then this is a must listen album for you.  


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