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James Dewitt Yancey is known with the name of J Dilla who was an American rapper and record producer come and after his death, his family runs this hit release soon “The Diary”.  It will be the third studio album by James in which he has tried to give first class entertainment for everyone. “The Diary” is actually a modest album in which he describes some strong moments with music.

Along with the broad choices of music, James Dewitt Yancey is one of the passionate hip hoppers of America. In 1992, he starts his music career and experienced with Detroit musician Amp Fiddler. And in 1995, Jay Dee has done work with big label Payday records.  Gradually he has done his extraordinary success and getting more fame by his first album which is really rapidly getting popularity in 1997. However in the mid of 1990s, he was recognized as a big hip-hop prospect with some solo’s and many remix projects.  After the 2000s, he performs on many platforms where he also gets fame. He has grouped with his school friends and known as a lover of rapping. They got the name of their group is “Slum Village”.

There was ample of brilliance songs with stunning music production. After his death in 2006, it has been released a stable stream of the posthumous item. He (J Dilla) has completed this album in the early 2000s and now going to be releasing under Dilla’s own Pay Jay imprint. All the trucks and anthem feature production had done by Dilla. According to the press release all the tracks were finished with the help of Dilla’s colleague Dave Cooley. This album firstly planned to release in 2002 in his life but now it will release now on 16th April 2016. In its vocal features, you will have vocal sounds of J Dilla, Bilal, Kokane, Snoop Dogg, Pete Rock, Nottz, Madlib and many others. The album was proclaimed in an interview with unheard song “The introduction”. The diary was a passionate effort to take benefit of the attention of his fans and give the memory of his life. But with some reason his project delayed and the album was literally shelved. All the tracks were wonderful and have a great impact of soulful voices. This released under the Pay Jay production in which supported by singles and will also contain 2001 mysterious classic “Fuck the Police”. These tracks almost complete in his life and released now for his fans. This album has expected for hit the jump that all the tracks have great music and production. We give here all track list of “The diary” approaching the sixth album of J Dilla and we hope you must like all songs as it has great music coordination.

Track list:

  • The Diary
  • The Ex
  • Gangsta Boogie
  • The Creep
  • Fuck the Police
  • The Shining Pt. 2 (Ice)
  • The Anthem
  • The Introduction
  • Fight Club
  • The Shining Pt. 1 (Diamonds)
  • Trucks
  • Drive Me Wild
  • Give Them What They Want

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