In the recent few years, a band that has truly beat the heartstrings of millions of fans (most specifically female fans) is 5 Seconds of Summer. The Aussie guys have truly formed a mesmerising pop funk band that created spree with its first album. The insane following and critical appreciation has compel the four lads to offer creative and enchanting tracks to their admirers and diehards in the near future. With all set to release on 24th October, the second album “Sounds Good Feels Good” aims to give a wonderful collection of music to the industry. Here, it would be worth mentioning that the band has got several awards under its belt. Let us see what Ashton, Luke, Calum and Michael have got for us in their second album.

All the band members hail from Australia, but their crazy love for city of their dreams is evident in the track “San Francisco” being penned down by Bonnie Mckee. The song is expected to catch admiration more hopefully. The track “Money” is a typical kind of pop punk addition to the album that is a gift to DJs. With the track ‘She’s Kinda Hot’, the band throw light on the relationships complexities and also how to cope up with such hurdles.

With tracks such as “Permanent Vacation”, they have included a track for live performance and this indeed would drive the audience crazy once it is performed live. Another track ‘Hey Everybody’ is a theme for a TV show of the same name and is a wort-listening option. With lyrics of the Jet Black Heart, they truly would make their female fans in awe as the song has been penned down by keeping in view the extreme feelings. ‘Catch Fire’, ‘Waste The Night’, ‘Vapor’ ‘Castaway’, ‘Fly Away’, ‘Invisible’ and ‘Airplanes’ are also fresh glimpse of air in the music industry. The album is expected to be attract audience due to its exceptional music and mind-blowing lyrics.


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