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The debut album by the mesmerizing band Long Beard was something extraordinary and unique. The lyrics were mind-blowing and the music collaboration was awe-inspiring. As far as the second album is concerned, the band comes up with Sleepwalker that is based on loneliness and restlessness being the theme.

The intro is strong and keep us compelling to listen the rest of the tracks. With “Porch,” the band put up a good show with mixing music and lyrics in the best way. For music lovers. “Turkeys,” is truly the best choice as it turns out to be the most appealing tracks of the album.

The song that has a mesmerizing effect on the listeners and beat the heartstrings is the unique “Hates The Party”. The track can be the best choice for DJs and especially for weekend parties.

“Someplace,” is comparatively not that energetic and “Days Of Heaven,” the tone has been the same. Something that really speaks for this album is “Twinkle Twinkle,” which arouses the spirits and make the spirit alive.

Overall, if you want to adore unique music, you should opt for this amazing album to listen.

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