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Chris Brown is a prominent and distinguished name in the music industry. The versatility and marvelous hits under his belt flavored with his dancing moves has made him a heart-throb. The American artist has offered diehards with albums having fantasy tracks that truly are mesmerizing options to listen. Over the past few years, Chris Brown had been a paparazzi’s central attraction due to his various controversial activities. However, the fact remains that he is the most decorated artist among his contemporaries.

The Enchanting American performer has six musical albums under his belt that were huge successes at Charts and with his seventh Studio Album that is scheduled to be released on December 18, 2015, he is expecting to steal the show. The album has already been in the headlines due to its breath-taking cover revealing Chris Brown with his cute daughter.

The best track of the album is “Back to Sleep” that was premiered on November 5, 2015 is a track that has beaten the heartstrings of millions. Moreover, “Fine by Me” is also the best track of the album that has created huge spree due to its versatility has been released on November 27, 2015. In addition, some of the other tracks such as “Make Love”, “Wrist”, “Liquor” and “Zero” are also worth listening tracks. For fans, Royalty is the best Christmas gift from the iconic star.


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