(Credits : pitchfork.com)

For all diehards of Warpaint band, there is a something to look for in the coming few days. The talented musician, singer-songwriter and the former bassist of the indie rock band Warpaint is coming up with her debut studio album right on! that is scheduled to be released worldwide on December 11, 2015.

Jenny Lee Lindberg is a talented musician and that is why, fans and critics alike are expecting a lot from this new album. The coolest thing about this new album is that it features some new elements of wave and gothic rock along with her former expertise as bassist. A one-minute teaser video that was released on September 15, 2015 on YouTube created spree for the album and it is expected that things will go in album’s favor. Moreover, some of the tracks of the album such as “blind”, “boom boom”, “never”, “long lonely winter”, and “bully” are worth-listening options. Overall, the album is expected to spread waves due to the former repute of the songstress.


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