(Credit: Jambase.com)

Trey Anastasio is a versatile artist and with his amazing projects, he make us familiar with the newest tracks that turn out to a library collection. With his new album Paper Wheels, he  comes up with amazing rhythms, and also some fabulous lyrics. Anastasio in this album has also added a slyly cloistered modern jazz in the tradition of Zappa and Steely Dan, and has been highly praised by the critics due to the verstality.

The collaboration with co-producer Bryce Goggin has made things pretty amazing and they finally come up with elastic, flexible grooves, created spree. With “Flying Machines,” or “Sometime After Sunset”, the musical duo has come up with fabulous tracks that are truly spellbinding. With “In Rounds,” the overall tempo of the music is mesmerizing.

Anastasio has truly mesmerized his fans with Paper Wheels and has kind of given a message to critics that he can produce the most fabulous variety of music. Or musical geniuses, this album is a worth-listening collection to put in music library.  A must-listen ever green music!!!


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