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The reason that makes Josh Ritter the odd one out among the other contemporaries is his mastering the art of song writing and he take you on a mystery ride to an amazing world in his songs. Although, the last album “Beast in its Track” was pretty different being based on his divorce from musician Dawn Landes.

The current album “Sermon on the Rocks” is truly a rebound album and is based on his beliefs and inspirational findings after social mishaps and illness. This album is truly an amazing one and has been a classical one when it comes to throwing light on certain religious beliefs. The usage of imagery of the Sermon on the Mount is truly mesmerizing and gives listeners a fresh glimpse of air.

His idea of someone standing on the mountainside is truly mesmerizing and is speaking simple truths. In “Getting Ready To Get Down”, he gives the listeners a back journey to one of his former track “To The Dogs or Whatever” and thus revive the former exceptional. Likewise, in another mesmerizing track, “The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter”, the songster gives homage to Dylan’s “Subterranean Homesick Blues” and thus giving listeners a treat.

Being a folk artist, he offer simple rewards to the listeners and thus gives them an amazing choice in this regard. In the tracks, “Where the Night Goes”, “Cumberland”, and “Homecoming”, he truly enchants us while being sticking to his task of being an amazing producer of classical tracks.



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