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Demi Lovato can truly be called as the enchanting Diva that has truly mesmerized millions in all parts of the world. The coolest thing about her is that apart from her melancholy voice, she is also a top class performer. The recent album ‘Confident has created spree and is the fifth album that has been released in seven years span. The Mexican origin singer 2013 album ‘Demi’ was exceptional truly touched the heartstrings.

If we go through the whole album, we will get to know that the title tune ‘Confident‘ is an excellent mash-up of hip hop and background beats. The track ‘Cool For The Summer’ is a truly a pop extravaganza while having unique kind of lyrics. Moreover, “Don’t be scared ’cause I’m your body type” she put up a good show.

Overall, the album is an exceptional stuff although the singer has recently fought with so many personal depressions and other struggles.  Moreover, the demise of her father was also setback for her and with tracks such as ‘Father’, she has truly brought tears to so many eyes. Overall, the album is a worth-listening addition to the pop industry.  

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