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Country music is truly the melancholy form of music that takes you to the imaginary world of peace and tranquility. Tim McGraw needs no introduction as far as the versatility and mesmerizing musical tracks are concerned. McGraw’s fabulous tracks and enchanting lyrics compel us to fall in love with this musical genius.

The country music maestro comes up with his latest project “Damn Country Music and is stealing the show. The album is a masterpiece collection and is composed of some of the fabulous collection of astounding music. The collection begins with more fascinating track: “Here Tonight” that is a worth-listening Celtic-tinged duet with his talented daughter Gracie. The dad-daughter duo are truly beating the heartstrings of the fans with this fabulous track.

The title track is a kind of a musical memoir and according to Tim, is the story of his life. Moreover, with “Love Runs”, the singer elaborates a musical personification flavored with a fascinating guitar chug. With the fascinating track, “Top of the World” the singer comes up with a gentle way to elaborate his love to someone and comparatively uses a familiar metaphor while conveying his message. Some of the other tracks such as “California” and “Want you back”, the singer produces some fabulous variety of country music tracks.

Overall, if you are a fan of country music, this album is probably the best collection released this year. To McGraw the message would be – Good work Champ!!!!


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