Carrie Underwood won laurels and enjoyed high repute with the clinching of the fourth season of American Idol and almost ten years later, she has grown into a mature artist that offer us a wonderful collection of country music with enchanting melodies. The new album that is set to release on 23rd October is expected to win the hearts of millions of fans and thus making available the fabulous collection of country music.

With the track “Renegade Runaway”, she has collaborate the Wild West rocker with country-pop in a marvelous way and the lyrics of the song are also exceptional. With the track “Dirty Laundry” the singer has truly snapped the cheating men and has been talk of the town prior to its release.

In “Church Bells” and “Heartbeat”, she truly inspires millions and we can see traditional Carrie that has won hearts with the sweeping of American Idol. “Like I’ll Never Love You Again” has truly turned out to be a youth anthem and is the best song for dedicating to your sweetheart. Moreover, a lot was expected from Carrie to include such a track in the album.

With “Relapse”, she has turned out to be an alcoholic that would love to drink anywhere, anytime and is remembering her old lover every now and then. In the track “The Girl You Think I Am”, she starts with the melancholy memory of an 8 year old girl for whom the love of dad is the precious thing in the world and the song goes by enchanting us in all its duration.

The song that is truly the magical one of the album is “What I Never Knew I Always Wanted” in which she pays tribute to the two main men in her life, i.e. husband and her cute little son. Overall, the album is a worth-listening option.


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