All you need to know about Air Purifier!

Air purifier is a device which cleans or removes impurities from the air in your room. This device is generally sold as being helpful to allergy and asthma patients. And also as a eliminator of tobacco smoke. These air purifiers are produced in various sizes; It may be a small tower units or large plants that are fixed to an air handler unit aka AHU or HVAC that is used in industries. Air purifier is also used to remove the carbon dioxide from air in industries.

Internal air is normally much polluted than the external air. As people spend most of their time inside the home these days. Hence, our exposure to poor internal air quality puts us at threat for a number of diseases. Which results inasthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. By installing an air purifier will help you breathe cleaner and healthier air in your house or office. Through air purifier you can help your environment to be safe from different health issues.

Air purifier has filters such as high efficiency particulate air that helps in cleaning the environment and air around you. It helps remove different impurities from the air. HEPA filters aid to remove 99.9% of dust elements which are larger than 0.3 microns. It is helpful to clean the pet dander, smoke, pollen, dust and almost every noxious particle in the air.  HEPA filter needs cleaning or replacing less frequently. HEPA filters do not produce ozone or injurious byproducts in course of process.

It is hard to persuade people about the utility of a new device which charges more than regular appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves etc. particularly when there are no ‘observable’ outcomes to show as such. In fact, if you purchase an air purifier now and assume a change to happen instantly, then be sure nothing as such happens straightaway. Most users find their air purifier unusable as the device will be installed in some place of a room, without a sound blowing air up and down.

Certainly, there is PM 2.5 meters to evidence of the efficiency of air purifiers, but users are not much interested to purchase those numbers. On the other hand, you feel the change in the air when you leave using an air purifier after continuous use of a month at least that its value can be sensed. The change can be simply sensed when you nap in a room with shut doors and windows.

Indeed, air purifier works actually. If you open the filter you will see the thin coating of particles on it. If the filter wasn’t there, the dust particles would have been layered on your lungs.

 Size of Air purifier.

Selecting the correct sized air purifier according to your needs, measure the square foot of the room you need to purify. You can measure the square footage by calculating the length and width of the purifying area in feet. Then multiplying the number of width and length together. With this number available, find an air purifier with a advised square foot covering area that contrast your room’s square footage. Look at this info in the air purifier’s specs under “Manufacturer-Suggested Room Size” on Sylvan product pages.

 If you are suffering from allergies or asthma and are searching for an air purifier to help cope with your signs. Hence you should also think about an air purifier’s air variations per hour (ACH) rate. ACH states the number of times an air purifier can filter the total capacity of air in the treatment space each hour. Those Air purifiers which can clean the air in a space at least 4 times per hour are Grade A for allergy and asthma patients. A rate of 4 air changes per hour also guarantees that the air purifier comprehensively cleans the air. It filters as many microns or symptoms that trigger allergy sufferers as likely to keep you inhaling easily.

Features of Air Purifier

Afterwards selecting the category and size of air purifier you want, consider whether you want or not any extraordinary features. Additional features can contain digital controls, remote controls, handles for easy mobility, multiple fan speeds, caster wheels, filter change indicators, programmable timers, air quality sensors, and many more. These distinctive features add ease to operate and provide somewhat better control over your air purifier’s performance.

 Installation of Air Purifier

In many conditions, I suggest that you keep your air purifier in your bedroom or living room as that’s where you spend maximum of your time. Keep in consideration that movable air purifiers are created basically to purify the air in one room only, so you may need to invest in extra units for different rooms. Otherwise, you can also select an item that consists of caster wheels, handles, and other movability features to make it easy to travel it from room to room.

As another option, entire house air purifiers are becoming famous choices for clean air in every room of your home. These units connect to your home’s existing HVAC system to purify your indoors as you heat, cool, or ventilate your home.

        Common myths about Air purifier

Here I will share five famous myths about air purifiers.

  • Air Purifiers doesn’t effect when doors and windows of the room are left open

Actually, air purifiers are more useful, when doors and windows are open for oxygen flow. It aids in removing dust particles efficiently. The fan of the air purifier can be control at lower intensity when doors and windows are  open.

  • Indoor air purifiers are of no use as there is no calculation to regulate 

 If certain outdoor air quality is previously bad. Then what is the need of purchasing air purifiers for home when you are not able to move it around? But in fact,

The air pollution indoor is up to three times more than what it is outdoor. This is mostly because of dust particles, heat waves from cooking, incense sticks or dead skin from human or pet animals among others.

 The real time spent on roads may be less. Normally people spend more than half the day in their houses and after that much time is spent at their workplace. So, more than what you breathe outdoors, you should be anxious about the air inside your house or office.

  • Air Condition rooms doesn’t need air purifiers

AC has nothing to do with air purifiers as it is useless against dust particles, pollen particles and in fact molds are the reasons of the major issues.

  • Air Purifiers are operative only when you are near it

All air purifier come from a specific Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) rating in cubic feet per minute (CFM). According to these ratings the air purifier will uncontaminated the air of the whole room given its size. So, it doesn’t effect as long as the air purifier is able of providing to the whole room size, if you sit close to it or away from it.

  • The air purifier works if it eliminates odor

In fact, not all air purifiers are designed to kill all types of bad smells, though the filters are installed to capture particles mostly. To remove odor, users need to opt for different activated carbon filters. HEPA filters is not designed alone to kill odor.

While purchasing an air purifier, users will have to know that some activated carbon filter mixtures are made to kill specific kind of odor. In market there are numerous combinations of filters which aim tobacco smoke and other allied odor. Instead, there are filters which eliminate contaminants only.

              Advantages of Air purifier

Specific purifiers are made for the people suffering from asthma or other allergies. Air purifiers make the air free of all types of dust particles that cause allergies and even other contamination so that the sufferer gets to breathe clean air.

  • Air purifiers in reality clean the environment around us purifies it by eliminating microns of 0.3 and big size to reduce it to 99.9% dust free.
  • If used with certain filters can breathe in the second hand smoke and even remove any odor in the air.
  • When you are purchasing an air purifier keep in mind whether the device is about to buy Room Air Cleaner Certification Program standards registered. There is a standard set for air purifier appliances. CADR or Clean air delivery rate is a measure that gauges the proportion.
  • Air Purifiers are of best to aid people who have health problems as they benefit in cleaning the smallest particles in the air.
  • To fight off bad smells from the air purifiers are operative as they are able of removing therapeutic odors, dense cooking odor and cigarette smoke.
  • Antibacterial room scheme, protective furnishings, decreasing maintenance and housework. It even risks of fire from heating appliances are also some features of air purifiers.

According to the researches it is now authentic that air purifiers may support in eliminating contamination and pollutants from the air. But it is very complex to free the air of smells and gases. For example air purifier may eliminate the several dust particles present in tobacco smoke and but not the gas composites from it. In fact, such devices will remove smoke but not the odor from the air in the environment.

             Disadvantages of Air purifier

  • Air purifiers need continuous maintenance and cleaning and can create ozone and ions. The issues with these appliances are that some purifiers clean dust but are not cooperative with odors. Whereas, others eliminate odors but don’t do much for the dust particles.
  • Your choice of which air canal you want to use is important in light of the fact that there are, you trust it or not, air purifiers that generate risky byproducts. Air purifiers may create threat to your health. Since they work through an unreal reaction that creates ozone, which is a solid oxidant. Instead of the point that ozone is important to life on planet earth, it has a place high in the weather.
  • The cautiousness against the use of air purifiers. Ozone’s odor is harsh and like chlorine and can be different. Unexpectedly, that you see this smell following to use an air purifier, kindly don’t hold onto using your purifier.
  • Researches have verified that air purifiers may boost in dismissing impurities and contaminants from the air.  Yet it is unusually mix up to free the performance of odors and gasses. Perhaps, an air purifier may leave the various particles present in tobacco smoke; it is impossible to eliminate even the gas mixes from it. In fact, such devices will throw out smoke yet not the odor from the air around.
  • The basic concern is that you need to entirely look into the air purifier device. If you are planning to purchase so make sure it reports health standards also your problems at home.
  • Air purifiers are fix in a ventilation system and want a lot of power to operate. This will cause in awfully expensive installation charges and monthly utility bills for most families.


                     My Verdict

In my opinion, there is an extensive range of air purifiers offered in the market. So it is better to be ready right before you indulge in buying one. And for that it is vital that you are well aware about different air purifier. According to the one which will better suit your requirements. Internet is a decent average to conduct your market research as it displays the many ranges of air purifiers. As there are so many of them that a corporal store would not be able to keep them all.

It is significant that you make sure that your air purifier comes with a guarantee card and the vendor offers. It will help to swap a substandard part or product or for broken during carriage. Taking care of these tiny things. It would make sure that you adore a cleaner, purified air from a lasting and reliable air purifier.

Top three best Air Purifier of 2017

mentioned are the top rated Air Purifier on Amazon:

Holmes HAP242-NUC Desktop Air Purifier

This purifier positions on the top list of best air purifiers since it delivers something not many other products can offer.

The product is popular because of the point that it’s so compact and light weight that it can fit on any desk or table. These qualities make it appropriate not only for home or office use but for transportable purposes as well. This product is satisfactory for people who don’t have extreme allergies or asthma issues.

Honeywell HEPAClean Compact Air Purifier

Honeywell compressed air purifying product is an exact opponent of the formerly stated Holmes desktop air cleaner. It’s compact and small size makes it perfect for both private air purification use at home or at work and even though traveling.

What you need to do is to vacuum the filter cleans it and it life can be extended as long as you want. And it saves you the expense of filter replacements.

Hamilton Beach TrueAir Compact Pet Air Purifier

If you are a pet lover and need air purifiers that can work as freshening the air and removing the pet fur, so you don’t need to look further than this compressed air purifier.

When counted last time, it was having more than 2,800+ reviews by customers and remains to be one of the uppermost rated air purifiers.

We hope that these best home air purifiers has been a worthy mention for you and that the comprehensive material above for each reference was adequate to benefit you make a good purchasing choice.