What would you do if you learned that a priceless yet sinister historical artefact was about to be sold to an action? What if you could be the proud owner of something so rare and so valuable? Would you swap down for the opportunity? Well, most collectors would but when it comes to this particular historical artefact things might be a bit different.

A precious historical artefact


Because this is not just any artefact we are talking about. This is Hitler’s personal red phone of death. The very phone that was used toward are so many deaths and evidently to set fire to the premises around his bunker, prior his own demise. So technically, this particular phone has a great history on its shoulders. Unfortunately, it is a history of death.

The phone was later given to a British commanding officer when, Hitler’s entire bunker was opened. It was given to him as a gift from Russia. He took it with him back to England and only quite recently revealed that he had it in his possession, in fear of being accused of stealing it.

Hidden all this time


The Brigadier Sir Ralph Rayner was that commanding officer. The phone was passed down to the next generation, to Ranulph Rayner who is currently the owner of the phone. According to Mr Rayner, he hopes that, whoever it is the next legitimate owner, they will take care of the phone as it is definitely a priceless historical artefact.

The phone is going to be auctioned on the 19th of the month by Alexander Historical Auctions in Maryland. So if you are a collector of priceless historical artefacts then you are definitely going to want to go down there and check the artefact for yourselves. The starting bid is considered to be close to $300,000 but according to the auction house, they are definitely expecting it to reach a bit over $500,000.

Would you purchase it?


Now, the question still remains. Even if you are the collector of priceless artefacts, would you really want to pay that much money to purchase the one telephone, created by Siemens, owned by Adolf Hitler and responsible for the deaths of so many people? This could actually be the point where many other collectors would draw the line.

People believe that, these phone should just be destroyed. It bears the name of Adolf Hitler, carved onto it as well as the Nazi swastika. So for some people, no matter how big collectors they are, this is most certainly an artefact that they are not going to want to have among the rest of their precious collection. However, if you truly are a collector then your choice might be a bit different.

History needs the telephone

And what about you people out there who are not collectors? What do you really think should happen to the phone? Should it be sold or should it simply be destroyed? After all it is the weapon of since the deaths. Nothing wrong could come by simply destroying the phone.

No matter what the phone was used for, it still remains an artefact of history. These kind of artefacts needed to be preserved. If not for anything else, simply for future generations to know what was happening in the world at some point and perhaps actually be able to avoid such a history in the future.