The 4th of August, 2015, Tuesday was not a profitable day for Enphase Energy at the stock market, the company saw a loss of 0.18% at the market which is not very low but still is something which is not good as well.

The reason behind this slight decline in the market is a bit unknown but recently th company announced that it will be taking part in the investors conference behind held in the United States of America. The Chief financial officer of the company, Kris Sennesael will be representing his company at the investor conference in New York and will be presenting a presentation as well. The scheduled presentation is to be conducted at 9:20 am. The conference, and the company’s participation will be held on the 01th of August.

Enphase energy is responsible for designing, developing and manufacturing micro inverter systems, these systems are sold to the solar photovoltaic industry. The company has a customer base not only in its home country; the united states of America but also internationally as well.

Kulicke and Soffa Industries Inc. also so a profitable day at the market just like Enphase energy, the company saw a slight increase in the market of 0.99%.

The reason behind this slight increase could be that the company had recently announced and declared the financial and operational results for the third fiscal year which ended on the 27th of June of this year.

The company was satisfied with the results that the company has achieved and in a recent statement made by the company’s chief operating officer, it was made apparent. The company said that these results and an increase in the revenue was due to increasing the wire bonding capacity which were additions for selected core market customers, continuing he said that recently they also saw that their recent start up, The Advanced Packaging Mass Reflow business line also played a part in the results which the company has achieved.

The company operates and functions in designing, developing and manufacturing expendable tools and capital equipment that are used for the assembly of semiconductor devices, discrete devices, counting integrated circuits, LED’s and power modules

ON Semiconductor Corpwasn’t as lucky at the stock market as the top two companies. The organization saw a loss at the market on Tuesday of about -1.98%, which made the price of its shares to be currently traded at $10.14.

This is quite startling and unexpected since the company has announced a range of new AEC-Q100-compliant integrated circuits that aremade specifically to augment and improve the next generation automobile designs.

The company is a fortune 1000 company and was founded in 1999. Since then it has made its place in the semiconductor industry and is responsible for selling products for LEDs, automobile industry, for communication purposes and etc. It has its headquarters in Phoenix.


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