Monday, the 3rd of August was a good and profitable day at the market for Camden property trust. The company saw a slight increase in the market of 0.15% which got its shares to be sold and traded at a cost of $79.75. The company also closed on this price as well.

The reason behind the slight surge in the market could be because the company recently announced its financial and operational results for the period of 3 months and 6 months respectively. This time period ended on the June 30th of this year.

The company was successful in completing the development and construction of Camden Hayden which is situated in Tempe, Arizona whereas on the other hand, construction began at Camden Shady Grove which is situated in Rockville, MD. The company completed its target of what it had planned successfully.

The company also was fruitful in purchasing 2.7-acre land parcel and a 49.6 acre land parcel in Los Angeles and Phoenix respectively. The company plans on building 1274 apartment homes on these lands in the future. No specific date or name have been announced for these specific apartment homes.

The company is an American Real estate investment trust which owns about more than 180 communities that have apartments and homes in it. The company has headquarters in Texas. The company’s slogan is living excellence and that is exactly what it serves its wide clientele spread all around the states.

Axis company holdings also saw a gainful day at the market on Monday when its shares saw an incline at the stock exchange of 3.89% that paved way for its shares to be traded and sold at the cost of $59.80.

The reason behind the splurge could be that the company recently issued a statement saying that it had accepted a request from PartnerRe Ltd. to terminate the merger agreement with AXIS Capital. The requesting company is going to pay $315 million fee to terminate the agreement right away. The agreement was agreed upon both the companies in January this year and along with the agreement, the meeting which was scheduled for the 7th of August was also cancelled. The payment must be the catalyst which boosted the gain for Axis at the market.

AXIS Holdings Company is an insurance provider internationally. The company offers its services in the United States of America, Bermuda, Singapore, Canada and Australia. Insurance is provided in segments of marine, terrorism, environment and etc.

Dollar General Corp. wasn’t as lucky as the above two companies, it saw a loss of -0.55% which caused trading and selling to close at a price of $79.93.

The loss wasn’t expected since the company has launched a saving program for back to school category. Its consumers will likely save up $250 for all of its products.

Dollar General is a chain of variety stores. The company has its headquarters in Goodlettsville and was founded in Kentucky and offers a wide variety of products ranging from every day to specialty products.


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