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Monday, the 3rd of August was not a really good day for Parker-Hannifen. The company saw a decrease in its shares on the first day of the trading week, the decrease of -0.23% got the shares of the company to be traded at a cost of $112.49.

The reason behind the decline is suspicious since it seemed that the shares would take on a slight increase after the company recently announced that it will declare the results for the fourth quarter of the financial year on the 4th of August, Thursday. The results will be announced before the market opens. The company will also take part in a conference call which will be discussing the results. The whole guide for the announcement and conference call have been posted on their website. The call will also be posted on the website for individuals who missed it.

Parker-Hannifen, previously known as parker is one of the top companies in the motion and control industries. The company was founded in 1918 and has its headquarters in Ohio. The company has clients and operations all around the world and is an employer for more than 58 thousand people. It has operations in various aspects such as aerospace, filtration, fluid and handling of gas, hydraulics, electromechanical, pneumatics, process control, climate control, sealing and shielding.

Dr Pepper Snapple Group was a bit lucky at the stock market, the company saw a gain at the stock market of 0.22% which caused its shares to be traded at a cost of $80.42. Albeit a slight increase, the group was happy for it.

The gain could be because the company recently announced their financial and operational results for the second quarter of the financial year. The company saw an increase in their earning per share. Previously it was $1.06 but now it stands at $1.14. Their diluted shares also saw an increase, where previously the price was $1.85, it now stands at $1.91. Overall the company is happy with the results.

The beverage company is said to be a rip off Schweppes but it has its consistent fan following. The company has its headquarters in Texas and produce and manufactures the soft drink to its various enthusiasts all over the world, but mostly ships nonalcoholic beverages in Mexico, Canada, Europe and the United States of America.

Cummulus Media saw the same fate as Parker-Hannifen on Monday. The company saw a decline in their shares of -0.61% which caused trading to occur at a price of $1.64.

The reason behind the slight decline could recently be the reports that the company announced. These reports weren’t taken positively by the stake holders which resulted in the decline.

The company is the second largest owner of AM and FM radio stations all across the United States of America. The company has approximately 460 stations spread throughout the country. The company focuses on operating radio stations in the United States.


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