The 3rd of August, Monday wasn’t a gaining day at the stock market for First Horizon National. The company was doomed to face a loss of -0.25% which caused the shares to be traded and sold at a cost of $15.81.

The reason behind the loss at the market is not so sure but recently the company gave donations to benefit the July 16th victims. The donations given to the families of the four Marines and one sailor killed on a military operations center in Chattanooga are going to be provided by First Tennessee Foundation. These donations round up to a total of $15,000. Donations to the Community Foundation of Greater Chattanooga by Aug. 14 will be authorized for the match.

The first horizon national is a long player in the financial industry. The company was founded in 1884 and since then is a parent company to even more companies. The company is an employer to more than six thousand employees all over. It provides financial planning, investments trust,credit card, and cash administration and asset administration services.

Discovery Communications on the hand also faced the same fate as First Horizon. The company saw a loss of its shares at the market of which caused it to close at a price of $30.01 after seeing a loss of -0.96%.

The reason behind the loss is not sure but major developments in the firm have been announced. The most recent one is that the American Heroes Channel (AHC) in partnership with USA RECENTLY and the Welles Remy Crowther Charitable Trust has paved way for search of America’s Red Bandanna Hero Award winner. This particular show is based and inspired by the famous by Welles Remy Crowther who also had the same nickname. The red Bandana.

Discovery communications is a media powerhouse which started off by just one channel in 1985. It has various entertainment channels which every year produce hit television shows and series. The company and powerhouse has a vast number of partnerships which expand its portfolio even more.

Lexmark International also suffered the same fate as the top two companies, it saw a loss of-1.21% which caused trading and selling of its shares to be done at a cost of $33.58.

Recently the company announced that Gainesville, a Florida-based UF Health Shands Hospital, will install the Lexmark Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) to serve as an enterprise solution for managing medical images all across healthcare facilities and clinics it owns.

The company is famous for making and developing laser printers. Alongside it also provides enterprise solutions to its clients spread across all over the world. The company is just 24 years old and was founded in 1991.


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