Tuesday, the Fourth of August wasn’t a very eventful day for Micrel Incorporated. The shares of the company remained flat throughout the day. A day before, on Monday the company saw a loss at the market of -0.65% which caused the closing of its shares to occur at a price of $13.86.

The company recently announced that Microchip has accomplished its formerly declared acquisition of Micrel. Micrel will be giving 98.95% of the Micrel to Microchip which have been voted as per their stock holders. Because of the merger the trading in Micrel common stock on the NASDAQ Stock Market will stop as soon as possible. Moving forward the president of the company issued a statement showing his pleasure and contentment at the completion of the merger. He welcomed the employees and said that he looks forward to taking the company on the road of success.

Micrel was founded in 1978 and has its headquarters in California and San Diego. It is responsible for developing, manufacturing and designing mixed-signal and digital semiconductor devices. It has operations in Asia, Europe and in North America.

Integrated Device Technology Inc.on the other hand saw a very profitable day at the stock exchange, the company saw a massive boost in its shares of 4.69% which resulted in the trading and selling of its shares to be done at a cost of $19.99.

The company recently announced the results for its financial fiscal year which ended on the 27th of June of this year. In a statement given out by the company’s president and chief operating officer, Greg Waters. He stated that his company saw an increase of twenty seven percent which was mainly because of the high performing and their strength; the range ofWireless Power productand High Performance Computing products. Furthermore he also announced that for the second quarter a non-GAAP operating margin of 29.3 percent will be present.

The company was founded in 1980 and deals in manufacturing, designing and developing of mixed signal semiconductors for consumer and advanced computing industries. It is a United States of America based company which has its current headquarters in San Jose.

LinnCo LLC also saw a gainful and eventful day at the stock exchange as well, the company saw its shares climbing to a considerable 3.21% which resulted in its trading to happen at a cost of $3.38.

LinnCo along with LINN energy recently announced dividends, which could be the cause of the increase. The latter company announced cash distribution on a monthly basis of $0.1042 per unit, or in other words a $1.25 per unit on a yearly basis, the cash distribution will be done on the 18th of august.

The company which has its headquarters in Texas mainly focuses on developing, exploring and managing properties for gas and oil purposes. It is a recent startup of 3 years which was founded in 2012.


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