Two buildings on the campus of a reputable Baltimore hospital were evacuated because of the fear of people being exposed to tuberculosis, as per a new report.

A small amount of frozen tuberculosis sample accidentally dropped at an internal bridge located between two cancer research buildings of the Johns Hopkins Hospital, said Kim Hoppe, a spokeswoman, via an email.

Both the buildings were immediately evacuated and the employees working in the area close to where the incident took place have been isolated and will undergo an evaluation by the Fire Department, Hoppe further said.

According to the report, as the buildings were used for research work, no patient was present in either of the building.

Still, to be on a safer side, the Fire Department shut down the heating and the cooling system speculating that the tuberculosis sample might spread through it, said Dr Landon King from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

No cases of the infection being exposed to any person on the campus has been reported so far, however, both building continued to remain evacuated for several hours till the time the public health officials gave an all-clear sign, said Hoppe.

Tuberculosis, also known as TB, is a dangerous airborne disease which spreads easily via air. The most common symptoms of the disease includes the person suffering with a bad cough for over three weeks, pain in the chest and coughing up sputum or blood. If the person is not treated properly then the disease can be fatal.

Over 9,000 tuberculosis cases were reported in the US in the year 2016, as per the latest report of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The same year, around 10.6 million people were infected with the disease across the globe with the disease and around 1.7 million died due to it.


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