Aaron Hernandez
Aaron Hernandez

The downfall of Aaron Hernandez

According to the prison authorities, he took his live by using a bed sheet that was attached to the cells window on Tuesday night.

The 27 years old star was cleared in a double murder case on Friday. But in the morning of Wednesday, Aaron Hernandez was found deceased in the cell, He used a bed sheet for suicide, he also jammed the door of his cell by utilizing numerous items.

The security officials said that he was found dead at 3:05AM in the cell on the Wednesday morning, the official took him to the nearby hospital where he was marked as dead at 4:07AM.

In Souza-Baranowski central cell there are hundreds of camera installed which means much footage of his proceedings of suicides can be used for investigation, Souza-Baranowski CC is known as a high technology and great security jail in the country.

Aaron Hernandez was a football icon of his high school in those days there were rumors that he is associated with the Bristol blood gang.

In university of Florida Aaron Hernandaz posted for a selfie with a gun which was later claimed that the same gun was used for murdering Odin Lloyd.

He was also found to be involved in domestic abuse when the security cops visited a call in his home at Hermosa Beach, he was found aggressive with his fiancée Shayanna Jenkins. But he was spared in this case. They both have a four years daughter.

At a Miami strip club in Feb 2013, he apparently shot a person on his face, luckily he stayed alive.

Later in the same year in June he was arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd, after this case he was terminated by the patriots on the same day. He was life sentenced for his murder in August 2013. He was also found to be guilty to attack an inmate of the Bristol County Jail and later he was found threatening a jail guard of killing him.

In May 2014 he was also pointed to kill two persons exterior of the Boston night club which he committed in 2012 it was a drive shooting case. Recently in April he was also been investigated in Daniel de Abreu & Safira Furtado case and was found innocent.

On April, 2017 he was found dead by the correctional officers in the Souza-Baranowski central cell.