The inclusion of Nexus 7 in the list of devices that are to receive a Marshmallow update was something amazing for the users. The announcement from Google about the Marshmallow release received wide attention. The officials have declared that the update would be rolling out in stages. In the first stage, the update would be available for Nexus 7 and all the other Nexus devices and in the second place, the update facility would be made available for other devices as well.

The point to note about Marshmallow update is that it comes up with some prominent changes. If compared to the Android Lollipop update, the changes are so vast and significant alterations have been made. The coolest thing about the new Android Marshmallow is that it features Doze power saving feature and also faster Chrome browser. Moreover, something that has made things pretty amazing for the users is the Now on Tap feature and also new security feature verified boot system that is expected to bring changes to the device to a great extent.The update also include more international dialects and also a new contextual assistance feature and thus making it the most user-friendly app so far. So experience the coolest Marshmallow update on your Google Nexus 7 and enjoy marvelous features.


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