Apple TV
Apple TV

Apple has reportedly discontinued the third-generation Apple TV and sales will be completely stopped once all existing orders have been fulfilled. The end of the long journey the device had is here, if we go back, it was launched in 2012, got an update in 2013 and was put on sale at a discounted $69 price tag in 2015.

The good news is, Apple is still selling the fourth-generation Apple TV, and no changes have been made to its price or storage capacity. The third-generation Apple TV, however, has had over a year of existence without any updates of great significance. The old model was running in the iOS 8.4 and people had hopes that the device would get some version of tvOS built for it, however, it never happened, instead, it was discontinued as it is two iOS versions outdated.  That being said, the third-gen Apple TV can no longer function as a HomeKit hub, it will not be able to function properly with Apple’s new two-factor authentication feature, it won’t be compatible with Apple Music or iCloud Photo Library, and, unfortunately, will still be stuck with the broken discovery DNS service. The little guy can still stream video from channels it already has, but still, it is very much far from other similar products.

With the departure of the third-gen Apple TV, the brand now has fewer boxes to complete with the new products that just keep coming from its competitors, especially the newly launched 4k Chromecast Ultra.  Hopefully, Apple already has something cooking to battle all the new products coming into the market today, though there is still no word on a fifth-gen Apply TV, but people can hope that it will be 4K capable as well


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