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The game is inclined towards emotions and bonding of people. A silly girl’s dream of nature and beauty is the best idea that describes the story of Unravel. The game, which is more awaited because of its scenic beauty than its fun activities, is directed towards nature-lovers rather than usual combat players.

These five to six hours of adventure takes you through the perspective of Yarny, who is there to guide you movements. The protagonist Yarny keeps the gamer attention focused on the details that re helpful in completing the mission. He is able to convey the message more thoroughly like any other animated character depicting humans or animals. Adorable, lovely Yarny has just two eyes and no other facial features yet he is comprehensible and cute.

Besides cuteness, this mimicry of real life toy is a means to past innocence and wonderment of childhood. Through the beady eyes of the character, you are welcomed to fully appreciate the beauty of nature. Emotions involved in the game are just a part of it. Environment, expressed in the form of puzzles, show a life full of insights and struggle.

In the body of Yarny, you can perform like any other gaming hero, rappel down wall, anchor platforms in place, tether objects to himself, swing across gaps, and create pulleys, high-wires and trampolines. The game doesn’t involve combat and goes along in smooth passive mode. There are some enemies to make the game engaging, however, like cockroaches and crabs. These enemies are to be avoided by hiding and taking alternating journeys.

The game offers enough skills to keep the gamer going. The activities are not too difficult to work on, however, their attraction and cuteness never lets the gamer roam anywhere else.

There are some puzzles which you can perform only at your second attempt, no matter how skilled you are at gaming or how strong are your instinct. The puzzle does offer a chance to get through in the first attempt but this chance is very sheer. At a particular section, you have to move up a steep hill without being hit by the falling rocks. In this part, you cannot foretell where the rock will fall so you can avoid it. This part could be solved by luck or by memorizing the pattern of falling rocks. Both scenarios are unsatisfying for the gamer.

The starting scenes of Unravel soon give space to newer scenes, where you will find chemicals, litter, and garbage. Even this darker aspect of environment is given scenic beaty by adding detail. In this part of game, Unrave raises voice against the harm industrialization causes. However, this makes a not-so-enjoyable portion of the game.  Unravel doesn’t takes speed as its main focus. You have to give attention to details.

The protagonist, Yarny, is there to help an old woman who wants to reconnect to everything she has lost. So the story is all about mending broken bonds and reconnecting to lost relations.

The game was successfully launched in February, 2016 as becoming a hit.


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