(Credits : revolverlab.com)

Kudos to the most outstanding duo of LG and Nexus that has turned out to be the very best in the business and has come up with astounding gadgets over the past few years or so. With the combination going in the very right direction, it was more than expected that the duo would carry on their impressive partnership in the near future.

The coolest thing about this overwhelming partnership is that both the teams are keen to carry on this partnership for longer time and thus both the representatives of the respective companies have hinted to more offerings in this regard. The authorities at Google are extremely pleased with the collaboration leading in the right direction and thus are aiming to make this partnership stronger and long term. In this regard, the new Nexus smartphone that is expected to be launched in September 2016 will be the best ever smartphone offered by the duo.

Witnessing the warm feelings and the already-going-on success, LG is most likely to be a permanent part of the Nexus family. Apart from LG Nexus 2016, there are more smartphones that are soon to be announced. As far as the detailed specifications of LG Nexus 2016 are concerned, we absolutely have no idea for the time being, as the device is in the early stages of development. However, the buzz is that the duo would offer a wondrous gadget to their fans.


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