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The announcement of list of gadgets from Android authorities with respect to Marshmallow update was somehow a shocking one for Nexus 7(2012) users. As this tablet has already received the last two updates and is more than 3 years old that is why, Google has to exclude it from the list of devices that are going to receive an update for Android Marshmallow.

The dejected fans were given a new hope when an unexpected announcement came on air from the amazing XDA Forums that are undoubtedly the best developers and a seasoned member dmitrygr lead from the front in this regard. It is truly great to have such amazing people in your ranks.

Through XDA developers’ devised solution can turn out to be the best one in this regard and Nexus 7 from 2012 users can use Android 6.0 Marshmallow on their tablets through WiFi. The full mechanism of the installation is not that hectic as the custom ROM for Marshmallow is available for download and you can easily install it into your tablet.

In addition to this XDA developers are also working on some other updates as well and we are expecting ingenious work from them in future. Kudos to them as they have turn the table in this fiasco and where no one came too rescue users in case of Marshmallow update and they work out things in an amazing manner.


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