Thursday, February 20, 2020

82-Year-Old Bodybuilder Sent Criminal To a Hospital

Great bodybuilders motivate us for new sports achievements. However, it’s not always necessary to win the Olympia title to motivate people for sports. Sometimes, it’s only enough to do what you had to do and to make people understand that bodybuilding brings lots of benefits into your life.

Willie Murphy may look like a typical grandmother if you don’t know much about her. In fact, this fascinating lady is stronger and more powerful than most of the young men living in her neighborhood. That’s why robbing into her house in New York became the scariest nightmare for a burglar.

Willie is an amateur bodybuilder who spends lots of time in a gym. Her great passion is lifting weights and she can easily deadlift 225 pounds. Despite her age, the woman is a competing powerlifter who holds several national records.

The iron grandma celebrated her World Natural Powerlifting champion title in 2018. Only a few years earlier she became a voted Lifter of The Year. And this year Willie appeared in newspapers for another reason.

When the woman noticed a criminal at her home, she was not scared. ‘If it was my time to go to hell, I’m taking him with me!’, -- she said. Willie fought the burglar with a kitchen table, chair, and a broom. When police arrived at the place, they saw the criminal scared and badly injured.

No doubt, there’s no remedy from getting old. However, it’s a pleasure to know that you can kick some criminals out of your house even after your 80th birthday is gone.


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