7 Google Flights Tricks
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Google has a lot to offer to people recently, and one of which is a handy app that will let users book the cheapest flights in a very convenient way! Find out how to get the most of Google Flights with these tricks. The flight app from google is one of the best travel apps to use this holiday season.

Google Flights has a news feature that alerts users with the best deals to make sure that people will get the best for their buck.

Enable notifications that will send an alert when prices are going to change

By enabling this feature, Google Flights will show a notification when the current fare is going to expire and change to something different. The user can tap on “learn more” in order to see how much can be saved if the user books a flight immediately. There is also an option to set up a price alert that will shoot the user and email when prices will change.

Know the best day to fly

Clicking on the calendar in the Google Flights homepage will show users the prices that are listed on any day of the month. This is best for booking roundtrip flights and one-way tickets as well.

Destinations based on users interests.

By far the handiest feature for indecisive travelers, for those who are set on taking a vacation but not exactly sure where. There is an explore tab that will provide users ideas on where to go based on what the user is interested in or what the user needs.

Feeling lucky? Get a random place and find out how much it will cost!

The Explore Destinations option found in the map will let you enter your current location and the area you are interested in visiting. Red dots will appear that indicates locations that are popular and the transportation options as well.

Easily share your plans

After the user has set up everything for the trip like the locations, dates of departure and return, the price of transportation, it will be easy to send the information to anyone by clicking on the link provided in the email and share it with anyone.

Connecting flights that work for you

When faced with a situation wherein a connecting flight is inevitable, there is a handy drop-down tool that will let the user choose preferred airports and cities that might actually make the trip better. Making the connecting flight more of a bonus rather than a hassle. There is even an option to select a duration the user would like to stay in the chosen city.

Best Flights

There is a best flights box that will provide users a summary of every flight after the users set all the information about the trip. Google Flights will then list top  4 flights that will work best for the user in terms of matching the user’s preference and the best price.



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