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7 Foot 2 Inches Bodybuilder Made “Thor” Look Small

There is someone bigger than Hafthor Bjornsson!


Everyone knows how tall and big Hafthor Bjornsson is – 6 feet 9 inch. But there is someone bigger in the world of sports! Olivier Richters from the Netherlands is a 7 foot 2 inches bodybuilder and is currently the tallest bodybuilder on Earth.

Sure, Hafthor has won the past two Arnold Classic titles and the World’s Strongest Man competition last year, so he is the largest Strongman athlete on Earth without any doubts. He is the Game of Thrones star, one of the most beloved characters “the Mountain”. But as you can see, he is not the biggest man still.

Righters gave an interview to Good Morning Britain and told everyone more about himself.

When Olivier was 14, he was already 6 foot 6 inches and already 7 foot 2 inches when he was 19. He never wanted to play basketball though as everyone supposed him to. His first movie experience was in the “Kingsman: The Great Game’:

 I just got a casting for the Kingsman like half a year ago and I hear that I got the casting for real, I got the role but I actually got tears in my eyes”.

We will have a chance to see that movie on February 14, 2012, as a prequel to the Kingman. By the way, Righters has the main role in a new movie called Ocean.

The giant confessed he eats 6.400 calories per day but only healthy foods, for example, oats and chicken. He prepares well to his travels and always has a blender and egg cooker with him not to miss a meal.

 “It’s a constant struggle because every two-and-a-half hours you have to get 1,000 calories in just to maintain this size. The human body consumes so much energy and it needs that push from protein.”

Olivier also confessed that having a tall girlfriend is more “convenient” for him, so his girlfriend is six feet tall.

It’s really interesting to watch the tallest of this world!


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  1. This is dumb. Richters is 300 lbs, Haffthor peaks at 450 and is at least 400 at all times. Bjornsson is the biggest athlete, just shorter by 5 inches. That doesn’t make him smaller, reword what you say.


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