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A need is always felt on behalf of the users to have access to a speedier internet service. Moreover, with 4G LTE still being the coolest option for mobile internet subscribers, plunging into the next level is human nature. Seeing this urge to shift into new phase of mobile internet, Samsung along with its decade old partner KDDI, have issued a press release regarding speed up to 5G standard development. Although, the industry giant, Samsung, was already working on this technology for some time, still we should not ignore the efforts of LG contributions for establishing the standard.

It is sad but true that 5G standards are not possible to be diversely available in the coming two to three years. Experts and other analysts are of the opinion that most of the companies would have access to mesmerizing 5G technology by 2020. Moreover, it is firmly believed that the partnership of Samsung and KDDI can help to lessen this long wait.

The amazing duo of both the outstanding companies has joined hands to bring 5G standard development and to enhance the development process. The duo also promises to enhance and intensify research, with every possible development in this regard. Moreover, Samsung and KDDI would also focus on the tech and development in order to make 5G development availability as soon as possible and earlier than the expected time.


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