56 And Fabulous: Milos Sarcev Destroys Age Limits In Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a sport for everyone. Yet not many sportsmen look really jacked after 50. Milos Sarcev proves age is never a reason to throw in the towel. A 56-year-old beast explains how to stay cool if you are already a grandpa.

You are never too old for anything. Sounds like a sweet lie. Yet it’s true. And there are a lot of examples. Milos Sarcev is 56. Most men of the same age give up the hard training. They believe slower metabolism, weaker bones, and lower levels of testosterone won’t allow them to succeed, without using best steroids for bodybuilding, which many men fear to use.

But Milos is more optimistic. He thinks age metamorphoses are nothing if you have a strong character and great self-discipline. The veteran bodybuilder stopped competing years ago. Yet it doesn’t mean he stopped training.

Every day a man starts with some sports activity. Regular training, wise dieting, and a great desire to have a super jacked body work properly. Milos now looks even better than many of the 25-year-old bodybuilders.

After the end of his professional career, the sportsman works as a coach. He motivates a lot of people who have come to his gym. Yet he inspires even more people online. Milos has over 500 thousand followers on Instagram. No one stays indifferent looking at Sarcev’s incredible physic!

Milos has reason to be proud of himself. Yet he has no reason to stop. The sportsman says he keeps working on himself. Six days a week are for training. ‘We can accept minimal results, optimal…but also shoot for maximal results. It should be easy choice to make…’, – the sportsman said.

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