5 moments when Congress’s Planned Parenthood hearing got heated

Written by Tanya Jones

At a listening to focusing on whether government financing ought to proceed for the gathering, Richards strongly protected her association, calling it a discriminating hotspot for growth screenings, testing and treatment for sexually transmitted illnesses, contraception consideration and different administrations for a large number of ladies, especially the individuals who are low-pay.

It was her first congressional hearing following an antiabortion support gathering discharged features this mid year indicating Arranged Parenthood authorities talking in dismissive terms about utilizing fetal tissue for examination. The features suggested that the authorities were illicitly offering the tissue for benefit; Arranged Parenthood authorities say that the features were vigorously altered and that they don’t did anything incorrectly, as giving tissue for examination is lawful.

1. The amount of cash Richards makes

2. A throwdown with Chaffetz over information

3. What was Arranged Parenthood apologizing for?

4. Contrasting Richards with a criminal

5. Intrusions, interferences, intrusions

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