Improve your website
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5 Ways to Improve Your Website

The makings of a great website are not limited to social media buttons and content. There are more elements to further boost your site’s performance and this is something you should definitely consider. Read on to learn how to improve your website.

Let your honesty be evident on your landing pages

Landing Page
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First of all, what is a landing page? It is the page in your site that is assigned to receive the traffic depending on the marketing campaign that attracted the viewer. An effective landing page will trigger action from the viewer, such as making them want to sign up, download or purchase from your site.

Imagine you are a site that sells fashion for women and you have ads placed in social media. These ads are campaign specific. Let’s say the ad is for shoes, in the event that someone clicks on your ad, ideally, it should direct the user to your website’s page for shoes and not to your homepage. This is good for customer experience and will make your site look honest, taking away the dilly dally of having to navigate through the site in search of what was in the advertisement.

Be Informative 

Do not be scared of providing a little extra content for your viewers. Go the extra mile and let them know you are interested in making sure their customer experience is beyond satisfactory! Let us again pretend you have a site that sells fashion for women. In your clothing section page, feel free to include a size chart to serve as their guide. Another good idea is to include a washing guide depending on the material of the garment. Being this kind of website shows you are trustworthy and entices viewers to continue browsing on your site.

Invite Them to Take Action

The worst thing your site can do is entice the users to buy or subscribe to your site without any means of helping them do so. The presence of a “Buy Now” button and a “Subscribe” button is necessary. Help your viewers take action by supplying them with visually appealing options. Doing this will definitely improve your website.

Have a Great Message

Great messages
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If you have a website, your goal is to have visitors first, and after that is to turn them into a client or a customer. In order to do this, you have to deliver your messages clearly in an effective and efficient manner. That is what the homepage is for, to introduce your company and provide effective navigation to help visitors find what they need in your site.

“I Shall Return”

Reason to return
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Having visitors who would tell themselves “I shall return” is the best thing you can accomplish in your website. You have to give them a reason to come back and if they do, it means your site provided them with a great customer experience and awesome content. If your site bombards the viewer with loads of pop-up ads and surprise redirection, that is likely to scare them away.

To create a repeat customer, your site has to be informative with practical and honest articles. The website should also be updated regularly to prove it is active and that there are people working hard to provide content. The content itself has to be legit and user-friendly. The availability of newsletters is also a huge plus.

Social Media is your friend!

Social Media
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Social media is your website’s link to more exposure. More exposure equates to more people who would likely be your target market, thus more views, and potential customers. You need to make use of this digital innovation while the iron is hot! The first step is to provide icons for Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest at the top portion of your website. These icons are not just for show, they are a way for users to take action, to share your articles across social media platforms. In order to inspire them to do so, your content must be interesting and relatable. If this is a weak point, then it is best to create better content to improve your website

Results Matter!

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This is the tricky part and may require some analytic skill. Web analytics is extremely important to identify the points of improvement in your website. When you know what kind of traffic you are getting and the source of which, you can focus on that to get the most of that resource.

You also have to consider your conversion rate, this means how many of your visitors come back after their first visit, how many of them became customers or clients. That information is useful and you can identify what kind of profile your customers have. Once you know the profiles of which, you and focus on finding a way to reach more of this kind of people.

Monitoring the time people spend on your site is also important, it measures how interesting your content is or if you just seem like a click-bait type of site. Knowing this triggers improvement on your part. Another useful tip is to know what the last page people are at before they leave your site, this will allow you to check if they reached a bad dead end on your site. Knowing this kind of weakpoint wil lallow you to make the needed adjustments to improve your website.

Not everyone knows how to get this information, hence improvement is direly sacrificed. This service is actually available for free via Google Analytics, it can be easily installed and provide this data for your website.