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5 Foods and Supplements to Improve a Bodybuilder’s Sexual Life

Intro To Bodybuilders’ Sexual Life

Although many of them would never admit it, unfortunately, many bodybuilders tend to suffer from various sexual health disorders if they happen to have been using anabolic steroids, compounds, or various other extremely potent and powerful hormones to help them build muscle and improve their performance. Bodybuilders’ sexual life supplements are therefore becoming more and more popular with each passing day, and when you see the results that they are able to provide, it’s very easy to understand why as well.

It isn’t just supplements that can help improve a bodybuilder’s sexual life, however, as there are also a number of natural foods, drinks, and herbal ingredients that they can consume that have been proven time and time again to dramatically increase libido as well as sexual health and function, especially if all of the above have previously been harmed due to misuse/overuse of anabolic steroids and hormones. Here we’ll be looking at a list of the best foods and supplements designed to improve a bodybuilder’s sexual life without having to break the bank or undergo medical procedures/treatments in the process. So, without any further hesitation, let’s get started.


First up on our list we have the deliciously sweet fruit known as a strawberry. Strawberries are ideal for sexual health and function because they contain naturally occurring compounds that have been proven to help boost circulation within the body. This is beneficial because increased circulation leads to an increase not only in libido but also an improvement in the size and strength of an erection.

As you may or may not know, once a man becomes aroused, blood rushes to the erectile tissue in the genitals, which then leads to an erection. As strawberries increase and improve circulation, they allow more blood to rush to the erectile tissue, meaning a more pronounced erection as a result. Strawberries are also rich in vitamin C, which not only increases the immune system, it also naturally boosts sperm count, which in turn can help improve and enhance fertility bodybuilders sexual life.


Almond nuts are another natural food that provides numerous different health qualities, especially when it comes to sexual health and function. To begin with, almonds are a great source of the mineral Zinc, which plays a key role in sexual health and function in many different ways. The main reason why Zinc is considered so beneficial, however, is that it helps boost natural testosterone production within the human body. Testosterone is the dominant male sex hormone that plays a vital role in libido, fertility, sexual health, and performance, as well as muscle strength, mass, and definition in the process. Almonds also naturally contain selenium, which has been proven on numerous occasions to help increase natural sperm production and improve the bodybuilder’s sexual life.

Fish Oil Supplements

Fish oil supplements and cod liver oil, for example, are packed full of healthy fats such as omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids benefit us in so many different ways that it would take an age to list every single benefit, so instead here are just some of the main examples. To begin with, omega 3 helps improve brain health and function, promotes healthy vision, boosts metabolism, strengthens and lubricates the joints, and has been proven to help enhance sexual health and function, thanks to its ability to improve the brain’s natural sensitivity to a hormone known as serotonin.

Serotonin helps keep us feeling happy and content, as well as helping us to focus and concentrate. This is beneficial because if you are stressed, anxious, or depressed, the last thing you’ll want to do is engage in sexual activity. Many bodybuilders’ sex lives improve dramatically with the inclusion of plenty of fish oil supplements and healthy fats. Alternatively, naturally oily fish such as mackerel, sardines, and salmon can also benefit you greatly.


Oysters are considered a natural aphrodisiac and there is a very good reason for that. Oysters have been proven to contain numerous vitamins and minerals that not only help enhance brain function but also boost circulation, which as you now know, helps improve libido. On top of that, however, they’re an incredibly rich source of Zinc, which helps increase testosterone production, which in turn leads to an increase in libido, fertility, and sexual performance as a whole.

Tribulus Terrestris

Although it may have a slightly unusual sounding name, Tribulus Terrestris is currently one of the most popular herbal ingredients in the entire world and is especially popular amongst individuals looking to increase their testosterone levels, especially those suffering from sexual health issues due to low hormone levels. Tribulus Terrestris is a natural herb that grows in the world, predominantly in Eastern Asia.

This herb has been proven to dramatically increase natural testosterone levels in men of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and it is the primary ingredient in many natural testosterone boosting supplements, which, is not surprising really. This supplement comes in pill/capsule form and is available in various strengths and dosages. It is available in all good health and supplement stores and is one of the most effective sexual health supplements you could ever wish for.

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