On 4th of July each year, all the Americans come together in order to celebrate the American Independence Day. This day marks as the birth of the United States and is a federal holiday of the nation.

Why do we celebrate 4th of July?

It is the day when the United States won independence and was no longer a part of the ruling British Empire. On Fourth of July, 1776, the United States of America adopted the Declaration of Independence. This is the reason why this day is not just important for the Americans historically but has also become the biggest holiday celebration with many events and parties across the nation, in each state. It is a kind of good excuse or a reason for people to acknowledge what makes the United States, the United States.

The History of what is 4th of July exactly?

The USA earlier used to be Thirteen Colonies, which is basically a collection of the East Coast states: Pennsylvania, Delaware, Georgia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire, South Carolina, New York, Virginia, Rhode Island and North Carolina, as well as Providence Plantations.

The British ran these colonies, who continued to stay in the continent since the year 1587. Initially, the settlers and the British shared a good relationship but soon, they faced clashes as the settlers complained about the taxation policy and also the British influence.

The settlers asked the Brits for ‘no taxation without representation’ in the year 1765, which mainly means that they were looking for a voice in the Parliament. However, the settlers and the British did not actually settle down the issue and the clash between the two often resulted into fights like the Boston Tea Party in the year 1773. This was basically a protest the settlers made against the Tea Act, where a British company had a monopoly to sell tea in the US Thirteen Colonies.

Later, more of friction erupted between the British the settlers as further British acts took away the power which states like Massachusetts held. When things got worse, a meeting was fixed by the Continental Congress, which was a group of delegates belonging to the Thirteen Colonies. In the second meeting called by the Continental Congress in the year 1775, the group made a decision to declare a war against the British.

How United States adopted the Declaration of Independence Day?

It was in the year 1776, the Second Continental Congress passed a vote, still during the British rule, for the approval of a resolution of independence which had been proposed by Richard Lee in June, 1776, that declared the United States independent from the ruling of Great Britain.

On July 2, the Thirteen Colonies were separated from the Great Britain but, the Declaration of Independence, which was a statement describing this decision and drafted by a Committee of Five, led by Thomas Jefferson, was not signed by then.

The Congress then argued and made a few changes and revision of the Declaration, which was later approved on July 4 finally. The Declaration was signed by about 56 representatives belonging to thirteen states, which were earlier known to be the Thirteen Colonies.

However, the fight did not stop there and continued to go on until the year 1783 and the Treaty of Paris. But the day the Declaration of Independence was signed is marked as the birth of the United Nation and the American Independence Day.

How is the big day celebrated?

The Independence Day USA celebration is most commonly associated with parades, fireworks, picnics, barbecues, family reunion, baseball games, concerts, fairs, carnivals and political ceremonies and also many other kinds of private and public events hosted to celebrate the history and traditions of the nation. Well, the list continues to go on and on.

On July 4, 1777, the first Independence Day anniversary, the Rhode Island marked the celebration of Happy 4th of July with 13 gunshots. And still, the area is known to hold the longest-running celebrations of the special day in the United States.

In the year 1778, George Washington, the former general in the revolutionary army, gave an extended ration of rum to his troops in order for Independence Day celebration.

While, many of you may think that the song to mark the occasion may be the Star Spangled Banner, but this is not the one. Psalm of Joy- by Johann Friedrich Peter, appears to be the first song which holds a strong link to the Independence Day celebrations.

How does the government celebrate the day?

Fourth of July was announced as an unpaid national holiday for all the federal workers in the year 1870 and later in 1983, the day was made a paid holiday across the nation.

In order to mark the occasion, a tribute from one gun in each of the US states, known as ‘salute of the union’ is fired by the military bases in the afternoon.

Well, we wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July and hope you all have a great day filled with celebrations and happiness.


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