America is suffering from the epidemic of opioid and there is no sign of letting up. People’s addiction to painkillers and illegal drugs like heroin has to lead to 42,000 overdose deaths during the year 2016.These figures are released at the end of the March by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Health Data Management is doing a number of healthcare organizations which turn health information technology in order to combat the crisis.  Geisinger which is an integrated health system and help in curbing the use of opioids by leveraging the health information technology. According to the CIO John Kravitz, he said that the other healthcare organizations can also generate the same results through the effective use of their EHRs.

The organization helps ion developing many approaches which focus on changing the physician patterns that will help in reducing the prescribing of opioids that include the creation of dashboard which is linked to an electronic health record and can identify current practice patterns in the Geisinger’s providers. On April 12th, 2018 Kravitz testified on combating the opioid crisis during a House Energy and Commerce Committee.

Geisinger is targeting the “outliers” in order to provide them with best practices for pain management. They have information about the prescription patterns in a dashboard which are linked to their Epic HER. Kravitz told lawmakers that, the integrated health care services of the organizations have cut to about half the number of opioid prescriptions on an average of 60,000 down to 31,000.

The other activities of the Geisinger are it adopted many actions to curb the use of opioids by tracking the documentation within the EHR and the dashboard shows about the provider’s review on the state-run Prescription Drug Monitoring Program.

The researchers of the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus has developed a prediction model which help to keep the electronic data in order to help the providers identify the patients who are admitted to the hospital. According to the team who developed the tool bu using the patient data from the Denver Health, Medical Center says that the model can be used to integrate into an EHR and can alert when a physician order an opioid medication.




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