Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Frank McGrath is a Living Proof That Power of Will is Stronger Than Power of Muscles

Some people may say that bodybuilding is just a sport. However, if you learn more about it, you may see there’s something more important than training, diet, and posing. Bodybuilding is also a special life philosophy based on strength of a person’s will and character.

Stories of famous bodybuilders can teach us a lot. Some allow us to see another edge of life, others give hope and inspiration for great achievements. There are also stories that prove our mind can be stronger than anything else on the planet.

Frank McGrath used to be a great bodybuilder. He thought he was born for the sport: excellent genetics, great proportions, insane physical power. However, his career was almost ruined with serious health issues. The sportsman got injured and had to stop training for a while.

That was very painful to see how Frank’s main competitors were training and building their career, while the sportsman had to start every day with medical procedures. Perhaps, at those moments Frank McGrath used to think that nothing could be worse. However, his destiny was preparing another challenge for the bodybuilder.

Before McGrath was fully recovered from the injury, he got into a car accident. Doctors told that the sportsman had almost no chances to come back to an active life or to professional sport.

However, here he is! McGrath found a way to overcome his scary diagnoses, diseases, and traumas. He came back to the professional stage and he looks really impressive. Now, Frank McGrath is a professional bodybuilder, fitness model, blogger and an inspiration for thousands of people.

YouTube channel Makaveli Motivation created a bright and beautiful motivating video dedicated to the story of the sportsman.




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