Wednesday, August 4, 2021

2019 World’s Strongest Man Day 1 Results

If you are a real fan of Strongman, the 2019 World’s Strongest Man competition is extremely exciting for you. The first few events are behind and we are ready to share the results of the Monster Truck Pull and Super Yoke/Farmer’s Walk events.

The results for each event after day 1 are as follows:

Monster Truck Pull

Group 1 – Hafthor Bjornsson (34.36 seconds)
Group 2 – Konstantine Janashia  (50.41 or 50.45 seconds)
Group 3 – Eddie Williams (41.11 seconds)
Group 4 – Mateusz Kieliszkowski (38.63 seconds)
Group 5 – Brian Shaw (38.69 seconds)

Super Yoke/Farmer’s Walk Medley

  • 168kg farmer’s walk for 15 meters
  • 450kg yoke for 6 meters
  • 595kg yoke for 2.5 meters.

Group 1 – Rob Kearney (34.06 seconds)
Group 2 – Adam Bishop (27.6 seconds)
Group 3 – Martins Licis (21.09 seconds)
Group 4 – Mateusz Kieliszkowski (18.89 seconds)
Group 5 – Oleksii Novikov (Approximately 25 seconds)

The current standings by points for each group are as follows:

Group 1

Hafthor Julius Bjornsson (Iceland) 7 points
Raffael Gordzielik (Germany) 7 points
Luke Stoltman (Great Britain) 7 points
Rob Kearney (USA) 6 points
Zake Muluzi (Great Britain) 2 points

Group 2

Konstantine Janashia (Georgia) 8 points
Adam Bishop (Great Britain) 6 points
Robert Oberst (USA) 5 points
Andreas Stahlberg (Sweden) 5 points
(Withdrew) Sigfus Fossdal (Iceland) 1 point

Group 3

Martins Licis (USA) 9 points
Aivars Smaukstelis (Latvia) 6 points
Tom Stoltman (Great Britain) 6 points
Eddie Williams (Australia) 6 points
Mikhail Shivlyakov (Russia) 3 points

Group 4

Mateusz Kieliszkowski (Poland) 10 points
Jean-François Caron (Canada) 8 points
Kevin Faires (USA) 6 points
Ole Martin Kristiansen (Norway) 3 points
Laurence Shahlaei (Great Britain) 3 points

Group 5

Oleksii Novikov (Ukraine) 9 points
Brian Shaw (USA) 9 points
Trey Mitchell (USA) 5 points
Gerhard van Staden (South Africa) 4 points
Mark Felix (Great Britain) 3 points

We remind you that on Sunday, the events will be concluded. For now, the competitors are going to compete for their leadership in the deadlift for reps and overhead press for reps.

Unfortunately, WSM has not been without injuries. Hafthor Bjornsson has a torn plantar fascia, but he is going to keep competing. Sigfus Fossdal also has a torn Achilles and Laurence Shahlahei got an injury but there is no information about it yet.

Keep watching our WSM updates…

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