The 2019 Mr. Olympia Athlete Meeting

The start of the 2019 Mr. Olympia began yesterday, on the 12th of September. Athletes from all over the globe started to gather in Las Vegas and complete their check-ins. The meeting was eventful.

The main bodybuilding event of the year promises to be extremely exciting. The athletes started their way to the competition. The spectators and fans are excited to see how their favorites look. That year’s meeting was the first one allowing people to see all athletes.

Major attention was drawn to Brandon Curry and William Bonac while they are the top choices for Mr. Olympia title.  Roelly Winklaar and Dexter Jackson were also in the spotlight.

These elite names, as well as many others, were at the Athlete’s meeting to check for the competition. Moreover, the competitors of the 212 division also weighed at the meeting.

Check out the video of the meeting below:

The atmosphere is more than exciting even though some big names are absent this year. But we are all eager to see young and massive athletes who can make a new bodybuilding history.

We are happy to see Hadi Choopan this year after so many misunderstandings with his USA visa. Now he is totally ready to compete in the Men’s Open. One of the favorites this year are Brandon Curry and William Bonac. And let’s not give up on last year’s People’s Champ Roelly Winklaar who is still one of the favorites. Or maybe Dexter Jackson will capture Olympia throne this year? We will see soon.

And we remind you that the biggest bodybuilding competition of the year takes place September 12-15th. Don’t miss it!

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