2019 IFBB New Zealand Pro Results


It’s time for unforgettable and great bodybuilding events. Right after 2019 Arnold Classic, a number of professional competition all over the world has started.

2019 IFBB that was organized in New Zealand became one of the most important sports events of the week. This year it was a real sensation, gathering hundreds of the sport’s fans for the same reason.

The competition united sportsmen from all parts of the world for a harsh battle for holding the champion titles. This time two bodybuilding divisions were presented: the Classic Physique division and Men’s 212 division.

The New Zealand IFBB champions are Abtin Shekarabi (Classic Physique) and Aaron Polites (Men’s 212). Check the full list of participants and their final results below.

Classic Physique Results

1. Abtin Shekarabi;
2. Kenny O’Malley;
3. Murray Calcutt;
4. Aaron Jeffery;
5. Sajjad Samandar;
6. Kurt Dell;
7. Adam Waite;
8. Hyoung Joo Kwon;
9. Darren Farrell.

Men’s 212 Results

1. Aaron Polites;
2. Justin Wessels;
3. Pierre Chamoun;
4. Jamie Dorego;
5. Benjamin Parra.



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2019 IFBB New Zealand Pro Results

It’s time for unforgettable and great bodybuilding events. Right after 2019 Arnold Classic, a number of professional competition all over the world has started....

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