After giving love stories now Vikram Bhatt is ready for presenting horror movie which is his favorite genre in movies. Actually, this movie “1920 London” is the third sequel of “1920” franchise. An audacious film maker Vikram Bhatt has won rave reviews from all over the world for his debut directorial Raaz and now he is coming back with a brilliant bloodcurdling horror flick.

This movie revolves around young Indian couple who settled in London in 1920’s and the two main characters of this movie live a happy life just before. Shivangi (Meera Chopra) and her husband (Vishal Karwal) have received a gift from Rajasthan and some eccentric and weird things will begin to happen with him (Shivani’s husband). She was tense about the worse condition of her husband and seriously starts to think about the solution. So she thinks his husband’s physical, psychological and spiritual condition just because of any black magic. And she makes a decision to solve this problem by getting the help of any spiritual healer and guru Jai. So this is the matter of concern that how jai help the haunted man and defend his wife from wickedness. This was also shocking for viewers when they discover many dreadful truths along the way, figures the rest of the story. Sharman Joshi has done the role of a priest who is the well-known idol of India. Anyhow Sharman Joshi presents an excellent account of himself.  And Meera Chopra who is a cousin of Priyanka Chopra has also done her debut film Gang of Ghosts; she looks pretty in this movie as she has done a great role of lovely wife. This movie is very weird and maybe it can send shakes down your spine.  You will see that story will take you from the next level of horror. In fact, this series takes the audience in the period of British era with the union of horror elements. So we can hope this will also the huge part of this third installment and get more success all over the world as it has loaded with never-seen-before which looks every bit horrifying and terrifying.


The scary storyline o this movie shows the true love of a wife with her husband as she wants to get rid of him from evils. This horror movie revolves around the problems of possession.  This film will be much more terrifying and a lot of different than previous parts of it. And 1920 London has expected more successful movie for this year.


You will see the official trailer of this film by clicking on this link.

Cast and crew:

If we talk about the cast, they all have done wonderful work in this film and make it full of entertainment for their viewers. The cast and crew are:

  • Meera Chopra as Shivangi
  • Vishal Karwal as Veer Singh
  • Sharman Joshi as Jai

Director: Vikram Bhatt

Production of: Reliance Company

Music composition: Sharib Sabri and Toshi Sabri

Release Date: 1920 London is put to release in cinemas on 6th may 2016. So rush in cinemas and get our tickets.


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