As a result of vaping, an 18 year old woman residing in Pennsylvania developed severe symptoms and faced difficulty in breathing and had to be put on a breathing machine, said the doctors.

According to a case study published in the Pediatrics medical journal on Thursday, the doctors have detailed how the teen had been using E-cigarettes for just about three weeks last year before being taken to the emergency room of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center where her condition worsened further.

The teen, who worked as a hostess at a Pennsylvania restaurant, one day decided to try E-cigarettes, perhaps just to calm down the nerves with the help of a vape, just like other people working in a bistro do with the help of a smoke.

As per the case study, the woman paid a high price for the E-cigarette than the usual. The name of the woman was not disclosed in order to protect her privacy.

The doctors later put her on antibiotic but still, her condition did not improve and worsened. She developed hypersensitivity pneumonitis which is a type of inflammation in the lung. Apart from putting her on the breathing machine, the doctors also had insert tubes to get rid of the drain fluids which had accumulated in her lungs.

The woman was diagnosed having acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is also called ‘wet lung.’

The study says that the woman already had a history of mild asthma. And, she started to use the E-cigarettes and was vaping for only two or three weeks before being rushed to the hospital. The last time she had vaped was for one to two days before the symptoms began developing.

The doctors said that the lung inflammation happened most likely due to the chemicals used in E-cigarettes.

The authors of the study noted that this is the first ever case to have been reported of an adolescent suffering from such symptoms due to an E-cigarette.


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